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NES Guitar Mod

News Paul 2006-11-18
What do you do if no amount of blowing on game cartridges is able to get your NES to boot? Well, if you’re a maker and a true guitar hero, you give your favorite system a new life as a rockin’ “NES Paul.” [via] – Link.

10 thoughts on “NES Guitar Mod

  1. It just occurred to me that it would be great to have the power and reset buttons toggle a couple of built in effects.

    Maybe you could house filter circuits in different carts and swap them out for different sounds (though looking at this particular mod, you probably couldn’t fit a full cart inside anymore). Anyone know of other cool guitar mods or hacks?

  2. This looks cool, and I may end up giving it a go. If I did mine would be a 7 string behemoth with a single emg 81-7 and a fender style fixed bridge

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