Nintendo Blanket

Nintendo Blanket2

Rich and Ruth Ng says, “Made by our incredibly creative friend Claire Pearson, for our newborn baby girl Leilani… For anyone who’s looked you’ll know that finding Nintendo pixellated pics that aren’t 8-bit is fairly fruitless so she started from scratch using the pics from Mario Kart DS .Link.

You can easily make something like this yourself. Just find the image you want to use online and use Knit Pro to upload your images to make knit or needlepoint patterns – Link.

12 thoughts on “KNit Nintendo baby blanket

  1. Hi,
    This blanket is gorgeous!! My brother works for Nintendo and is expecting a baby boy in September. This blanket would be perfect for him! Do you know if Claire sells these or would be willing to sell one? Let me know!
    Thank you

  2. I LOVE IT, expecting 1st grandchild, and daughter and son in law are doing the nursery in mario theme. Anyway I could get the graph patterns for your beautiful afghan, tried the program mentioned above but got error msgs.

  3. Hello,
    This is beautiful work! Would Claire be willing to make/sell one of these? Wish I have the skill, but definitely lacking there!
    My sister is expecting and having a Mario themed baby shower in May (her invites were little Nintendo DS’s… too cute) and I would LOVE one of these for her!
    Please let me know!

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