Making a thermocouple (measure turkey temperature with a multimeter and calculator!)

Trebuchet03 writes – “A thermocouple is a device used to measure temperature by utilizing the Seebeck effect. This instructable will show a very simple method of making a thermocouple so you can precisely measure the internal temperature of your thanksgiving turkey. If I can – I’ll build my own bridge and make my own meat thermometer probe. Why? you ask. Why not? What’s cooler than measuring the temperature of your turkey with your trusty multimeter. And in my case, my trusty cheapo multimeter and calculator”Link.

4 thoughts on “Making a thermocouple (measure turkey temperature with a multimeter and calculator!)

  1. If you solder your junction, use *silver solder*. This is for two reasons, one is a higher melting point, and the other is it has no lead in it. For a more durable probe, seal off the end of some glass tubing and slide the thermocouple inside when it’s cooled down. Instant waterproof, non-toxic probe.

  2. Even with silver solder you’re going to posion the bird.

    You’re putting 2 dis-similar metals into the meat. The meat will act as an electrolyte and you’ll have a simple battery. The effect will be metal ions flowing from your thermocouple into the bird. Most metal ions are toxic except in tiny amounts.

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