Mandalinarosa Hats


Nazli makes the cutest crochet hats to the likes of owls and frogs. The owl hat, as worn by her brother, even looks like a pilot’s hat when it’s on. You can visit Nazli every weekend from 1-6pm on Prince and Wooster St. in NY where she sells her hats.

Nazli says, “Having learned knitting and crocheting from my grandma, I’ve been doing it for a long time now. I never follow a pattern and just go with the flow. What made me inspired making these hats was the fun of childhood and creating a hat which can also be a toy when it’s not worn. Putting eyes and a mouth on them gives them a character and eventually the hat becomes more than a hat: a friend. The way to make these hat is just you start a circle and double crochet around it increasing, and then when you have the exact circumference of your head, just decrease a little bit and that’s it!Link and Link.

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