Lucid Dreaming Mask


My pal Nate True’s latest project is a lucid dreaming inducing machine!

When I first started reading about lucid dreaming, I found that some companies had created expensive pieces of technology aimed at increasing your likelihood of having a lucid dream when you wear it to sleep. I wanted one, but at the price of $200 they did not look so promising. Thus, I decided to go in search of how to make my own lucid dreaming mask.

Almost immediately, I happened upon the Kvasar, a do-it-yourself clone of the NovaDreamer which tracks eye movement via infrared to determine the state of REM sleep. I never built the Kvasar, because I believed optical eye tracking would not work so easily. It would require a light-blocking mask (terrible for keeping your biological clock running smoothly) and a potentially uncomfortable means of securing it to your face.

I was determined to find an easier solution. I thought that maybe measuring skin resistance (Galvanic Skin Response), an indicator of stress levels, I would be able to isolate the REM state. It was upon this basis that I built the first iteration of my Lucid Dreaming mask.Link