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Save power with a USB “Power Minder”

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We covered a similar DIY version of this device, it turns off something plugged in when it detects your PC is off –

“Many computer peripherals use power even when they are turned off. The Mini Power Minder communicates with your PC via USB so when you start up or shutdown your computer, power to the secondary outlet starts or terminates at the same time. You’ll control all your peripherals in one easy step! To control multiple devices, plug a power strip into the secondary socket and use it as an extension for several devices.” [via] – Link.


  • HOW TO – Peripheral power control with screen saver – Link.

6 thoughts on “Save power with a USB “Power Minder”

  1. Like I said the first time this thing made the rounds, some motherboards put out 5v on the USB bus even when they’re “off”, so this device won’t be able to shut them down.

  2. It does say it communicates with the computer, so perhaps there is some higher level stuff going on then simply using the usb port to trigger a relay?

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