Campfire Backwarmer


This is one of those ideas that make me bonk my head and go, “Why didn’t I think of that!” It reminds me of a solar hot-dog cooker. Aluminum foil might also work just fine for this application although it would clearly not be as durable as this product. [via] – Link

8 thoughts on “Campfire Backwarmer

  1. Looks like one of those heavier reflective-type windshield shades might work for a lot less-I have one that rolls up just as easy…you could also use it for a ground cover to keep your body heat close on cold nights…

  2. Reflective laminate = potato chip bags (metallized polyester). There are a lot of materials that will do this cheaply, but it’s a great idea that none of us thought of.

  3. What an awesome, simple idea.
    I think the curvature of the shield below the chair would be hard to duplicate w/a space blanket and is important to the function.

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