Homemade and seriously modified coffee roasters

George has a great page of homemade “hot rod” coffee roaster, varoooooom! [via] – Link.

Coffee projects:

  • The Solar Powered Coffee Roaster – Link.
  • Hot Rod home coffee roasters – Link.
  • Hacking Coffee Machines – Link.
  • Coffee Art (video) – Link.
  • Homemade coffee roaster – The Uglyroast – Link.

From the pages of MAKE:
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Img413 1425

  • DIY Coffee – The Bottomless Portafilter, Mod your espresso maker’s filter holder for a tastier cup. Hot On The Spot, Get consistent shots by adding precise temperature control to your espresso maker. Automate – What good is a coffee pot if it can’t be controlled from the internet?

Img413 1424

9 thoughts on “Homemade and seriously modified coffee roasters

  1. The one thing that bugs me about that project is the need to carve a round wooden mold for the wire mesh – sounds like a huge PITA. Does anyone have any alterative ways to form the bowl?

  2. @ psilosome:

    I’ve done it. I thought it would be a pain as well, but it’s not as bad as it seems, and I even went the handcarving route. Just get a good wood rasp (and perhaps a good friend), some gorilla glue and screws; you’ll have the thing done in an hour, plus glue-drying time. As a bonus, you get a small workout and, at the end, your own coffee roaster.

  3. I saw this project in the latest make zine and wondered if it could be simplified… Could you just use one of those wire mesh kitchen strainers and hold them over a gas stove top? Just curious if anyone tried this. Sort of a “jiffy pop” version :)

  4. I too thought some of the work of that project was a little gratuitous in its use of shop machinery. Who would have guessed you needed a lathe and milling tools to make a home coffee roaster?

    I’ve heard you can get decent results with a hot air popcorn popper.

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