Bridge Building Tests

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The Ignite Seattle event is a mere two days away and I’ve done some bridge building tests. Here’s what I learned from messing around with popsicle sticks for 1/2 hour with my brother:

You are going to be on a team and someone on your team needs to come with a plan. I finished 1/3 of a bridge in 30 minutes. My brother made 1/5 of a bridge in 30 minutes. His is the shorter one with an awesome overlapping design. How many people should you have on your team? I suggest at least three. Be friendly to people who come alone and join your team, they may be the missing link that give you an edge.

Go check out the rules and get the details at the event. – Link

2 thoughts on “Bridge Building Tests

  1. Did that in like 5th grade, but we used toothpicks, my team had the record for the school at about 35 lbs, give or take a few ounces, gotta check and see if we still hold the record.

    Gotta love arches.

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