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Evil Mad Scientist Lab – Lenore Edman’s Sewing Machine

Evilmad Sewingmachine

Lenore Edman of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories wrote up a great review of her sewing machine as well has how she makes trebuchet slings. Lenore says, “I can’t compete with the lovely vintage Singers, but here is mine. I have had it for several years and I even made my wedding dress on it. It is a Huskystar, which is a descendent of the Viking brand. I went with the top of the mechanical line on sale at the end of the model year. (Did you know sewing machines have a model year?) I didn’t see a need for computer control since I wasn’t planning to do embroidery. This was a good choice and I have no regrets. My favorite feature is the automatic needle threader, with the automatic buttonhole coming in a close second.” Link.

8 thoughts on “Evil Mad Scientist Lab – Lenore Edman’s Sewing Machine

  1. Hello, actually your machine is quite good ( I hope it was not frightfully expensive). It is actually
    a Janome (disguised as a Viking- Pfaff and Elna do the same thing, you need to notice the details of the construction). Janome is probably the best “lower priced” sewing machine now available. The “last generation” of good machines were the European machines, but now
    everything is made in China, Singer being the most poorly made. Gone are the days of the
    wonderfully made in U.S.A. Singer or White sewing machines. I think you made a wise choice and have a very nice machine….

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