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Acceleromouse (DIY Nintendo Wii-like remote for PC’s)

Macaba writes –

“Ages ago, I was toying with the idea of making a DIY in-air PC mouse, and had designed it in my mind. A few days ago I saw the Wii-remote bluetooth PC controller hack and thought that it was good time to throw together my own version.

As shown on the Wii remote has been utilized as a bluetooth remote for the PC/Laptop. My version isn’t as good, as it works over PS/2, and is wired (for now!). But I always find the enjoyment is in developing your OWN firmware for devices as long as it works (messing for 2 days and still not getting it working is the ultimate frustration, luckily didn’t happen). “Link.


  • Wiimote for Macs – Link.
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  • HOW TO – Make your own wireless Wii sensor bar – Link.
  • Wii gutted and gadget guts roundup – Link.
  • Making (Practical) Wii Component Cables – Link.
  • WiinRemote a program for moving cursor using Wii Remote on Windows PC (reading 3-axis linear accelerometer’s value) – Link.

10 thoughts on “Acceleromouse (DIY Nintendo Wii-like remote for PC’s)

  1. I would post on the actual site but I really can’t be bothered to sign up to another forum.

    Does anyone know why he/she has used two accelerometer chips when the type they have used works on 3 axis?

    I don’t know much about the chips, I’m just curious.

  2. Each accelerometer only has 1 axis. I need 2 to get both X and Y axis. Hence why the chips are 90 degrees offset from each other.

  3. You have the MMA7260 in your parts list, which is the three-axis version. Close inspection of the photos shows the chips as MMA2260’s :)

    (I’ve got a couple MMA7260’s on their way to me now, thanks for letting me know they exist :D )

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