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Kristen Rask’s Schmancy Sewing Machine

Kristen Sewingmachine

I couldn’t resist the play on the word “schmancy” to describe Kristen Rask’s of Schmancy new sewing machine.

Kristen says, “This is my new sewing machine. It is a “Kenmore Drop-In Bobbin Sewing Machine with 31 Stitches, Built-in 1-Step Buttonhole.” Why did I buy it? Well I wanted another sewing machine so I could have one at home and then one at Schmancy. My friend got this sewing machine for Christmas from her mom who is a quilter and seems to sew a lot and know a lot about sewing machines. As Pamela and I were looking for similar things in a sewing machine (for making stuffed creatures, working with heavier materials, etc.), I trusted her mom’s purchase and got this one for myself. (Well actually my mom got it for me for Christmas too…i am a copy cat.)” (Read more on her site.) Link.