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The Tinkertoy computer

Tinkertoycomputer 1
Retro thing points to the history and more on the Tinkertoy computer, capable of playing tic-tac-toe –

“A Tinkertoy framework called the read head clicks and clacks its way down the front of the monolith At some point the clicking mysteriously stops; a “core piece” within the framework spins and then with a satisfying “‘kathunk’ indirectly kicks an ‘output duck,’ a bird-shaped construction. The output duck swings down from its perch so that its beak points at a number- which identifies the computer’s next move in a game of tic-tac-toe.”Link & more.

8 thoughts on “The Tinkertoy computer

  1. Far out! I just walked past this thing a couple of hours ago. There is a plaque on it that explains that it is no longer in use because the strings keep stretching, and it needs constant adjustment to work right. It is still most impressive to look at though.

  2. Brian Silverman was the brains behind this thing. He’s a consultant for my current employer (a company based out of the MIT media lab)… Basically, he’s a genious.

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