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Scooter hack

My friend I-Wei sent this one in – wow!

20 thoughts on “Scooter hack

  1. Okay, we see all of these wierd vehicle posts. So do I have to move to another country in order to make unsafe vehicles or what? Don’t they have safety laws, I mean if not for himself for others that he topples onto.

  2. Looks like our photoshopper cut off the bottom of the right rear caster – the second set of orange wheels back – looks flat.

  3. Well i lived in S Korea (this is in SK i can tell by the signs) and you would not believe the crazy stuff they would do with a scooter. Here are aa few I have seen..
    1. a man carring a refrigerator on the back
    2. a family of 3,with the kid standing on the foot rest, mom riding side saddle
    3. chickens in cages 12ft high

  4. A family of three is nothing. I used to live in Taipei, Taiwan and I’ve seen families of five on one scooter. You’d frequently see riding with their dog riding in between their feet

  5. This looks like it’s ‘shopped to me. Look carefully through the metal struts at the buildings and signs behind. There’s definitely something fishy about this picture.

  6. Numerous flaws in the image. Directly over the scooter seat you can see through parts of the steel. Some parts cross in unnatural ways. The scooter has two casters, why would it need to be leaned over with the kickstand down? Also, the typical scooter certainly wouldn’t move that contraption with that “flat” tire. Someone certainly had fun making the image tho. :)

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