HOW TO – Wall mounted magnetic knife block

MAKE pal Radiorental has a handy knife-storing how-to, he writes –

“My girlfriend is always leaving knives around on the counter. I have a habbit of finding accidents waiting to happen. I thought I’d do us both a favour and build a knife block before the xmas turkey needs carving, something that was going to be well easy to use and not take up any space on our limited counter top.”Link.

14 thoughts on “HOW TO – Wall mounted magnetic knife block

  1. That’s just freaky.
    I just finished making a magnetic knife block myself!
    Mine’s honestly a bit prettier though, I had some scrap cherry and wenge laying around. *grin*

  2. *grumble*
    I don’t have a flicker account, and you can’t make me get one that easily!
    but here, I’ll shoot some photos for you.
    *time passes*
    here, photos.

    Magnets are these: 40 lbs of pull, and $.90/inch. This block holds up our big cleaver without breaking a sweat.

    I plan on making some more for friends and family, I’ll take progress photos and submit them. Perhaps even an instructable.

  3. yours indeed is much nicer, I have just got my workshop up and running and only have pine lying around so far.

    This is really little more than proof of concept, very easy to make… once I have some nice wood and more magnetics I’ll follow your design – thanks

  4. Radio, wasn’t trying to one-up you, just thought it was remarkably coincidental. heh.

    I highly recommend K&J as linked above for magnets, they’re friendly people, have a great selection, and ship fast. And no I have nothing to gain from recommending them.

    I had to make the wood super-thin to get good holding power with the magnets I used, if your budget allows I’d say go with these instead, but they’re about $1.65/inch which gets expensive if you’re making a big block.

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