New “i Craft: things” Leatherman in Our MAKE Store


Here’s a brand new product for our CRAFT fans! Small enough to fit on your key chain, the “i Craft: things” pocket tool is the perfect companion for mobile fixing, cutting, and crafting. This is a limited offering with custom “i Craft: things” lovingly laser-etched with care using a 35W laser. Comes with a 25-year warranty from Leatherman. Only $39.95 in our MAKE Store. Link.

2 thoughts on “New “i Craft: things” Leatherman in Our MAKE Store

  1. I love Leathermans! Great tools for just about any project. My son and I were carving wood and for the project I bought us leathermans.
    After some research I found and got two leathermans a great prices!

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