Hand crank – Drill power!

And0 writes –

To prepare for a 2003 doomsday “pole-shift” scenario, a group of survivalists put together this “Troubled Times” information hub. One neat idea caught my eye: using an old power drill as a makeshift hand-crank generator.”

From the site:
“The unit is light weight (2.5 lb), portable, low cost ($10-$20) and can be used to recharge single cell batteries at from 1-3.5 amps. It can be made from a cordless electric drill in a primitive environment. The simplest way of how to make a hand crank DC generator using a standard 12, 14.4 or 18 Volt Cordless drill from Harbor Freight Tools. With no modification hook an alligator clip jumper to the two charging terminals (on the bottom that the battery plugs into). See picture below. Note that when a 14.4 Volt drill is laid down pointing to the left then the upper terminal is most likely to be the plus and the lower terminal the minus for these units.”Link.


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