Build a bridge out of popsicle sticks and hot glue and then stand on it! Will it hold your weight, or will it collapse and send shards of popsicle sticks flying? There’s only one way to find out, get yourself some popsicle sticks, warm up that hot glue gun, make a plan and build it!

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10 thoughts on “Bridge Building – Make: Podcast

  1. What do you mean inefficient? In our Structures class I produced a bridge that required a hydraulic press and withstood 1,800 lbs (for a 2 foot span) The bridge failed at a joint after being left in a hot car all day. (stupid, stupid, stupid) If it would have been legal to pin the joints who knows how much it would have withstood. The trick is to build a form that allows one to glue the sticks into I-beams. Then construct a scale railroad bridge. I used scrap tong in grove flooring to make a jig that allowed me to produce straight continuous I-beams by the board foot. A good furniture making glue is a must. Dimensions were 24″x6″x6″ and the bridge was structurally indeterminate. I got an A.

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