Ok, who’s going to be the first to make an orchestra out of six second sections of that Hall and Oats song private eyes? I double dog dare you to do it! – Link

16 thoughts on “6 Second Cassette Loop

  1. Keep your eye on the “Free” feed from Craigslist. There was a guy begging people to take a couple hundred of his hands in my area a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately my own personal collection is long gone, but what a project it could have made.

  2. Another cool hack would be to have sliding playback or record heads, like the old echoplexers, so you could vary the amount of time between the record and playback.

  3. I also used to do this in HS, I made Mobius loops as well. If you can find them, answering machine loop cassettes are awesome, they come in 15, 20, 30, 60 sec. flavors!

  4. If you Circuit Bent a Cassette Player by installing a Tape Motor Control Mod like This one Caspar Electronics added to a Barbie Karaoke Machine, you could tweak the loop as it played, slowing & stretching the sound or speeding up & shortening it.

  5. I use loop cassettes (sometimes my own, sometimes answering machine tapes) in four-track machines. I wrote a whole article about this technique, it’s really interesting (also really cheap, these days). I also have an ongoing project I call Repetitive Miniatures, which is nothing but recordings of cassette loops I’ve built up with the four-track.

    It’s definitely a bitch to make your own tapes, but you can sometimes still find splicing blocks at Radio Shack which help a lot.

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