Watch this 1970’s commerical for a knitting/crochet instrument called the “K-Tel Knitter”. This does look kinda amazing, no? Looks like a fast way to knit too. Has anyone ever gotten one of these off ebay or played with one as a kid? If so, please post a comment! We’d love to know. (Note: Announcers voice is a bit loud and annoying.) Thanks Marie! [ via ]

4 thoughts on “1970 K-Tel Knitter Commercial

  1. I have one of these and would really like to see the commercial. If anyone knows where I can see it or get a copy please email me at go_kitty8 leave this part out @yahoo._ _ _
    Hate spam :)
    Thanks for all the info on this item that you have provided.
    Much appreciated!

  2. I used one for years. To me, it was a crochet tool more than a knitter. It was the only way I could make consistently even stitches. With it, I could knock out a project very quickly. I wonder why they stopped making them.

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