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Amber of My Aim is True (see previous post on magnetic poster wall) has used some of her left over magnets and made her own magnetic spice rack that fits perfectly along her stove. Link.

8 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Spice Rack

  1. I love this idea! It takes the great idea of the magnetized tins and put them right where you need them – at arms reach. I’m gonna have to try this.

  2. I love the convenience and cleverness of this, but unfortunately light and heat are bad for spices, so it might not be the best location.

  3. Yeah, I arrived at this comment form to say the same thing about heat/steam being bad for spices. Perhaps if you’re fridge (or other metal surface) is next to where you need the spices… but you also have the light issue that gennessee points out.

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