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Lamp Part
We get a lot of email asking for help making things and we try and post them up here so everyone can share in the questions and answers – here’s one from Emma…

“I am making a lamp and am looking for the part shown in the attached photograph. If you have ever seen or know where I could get one of these parts your help would be greatly appreaciated.”

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  1. It isn’t clear from this picture, is this lamp eventually going to be hung? Is the black piece intended to hold the weight of the glass container?

  2. btw a good job on what you have made for a bracket. I restore lamps in my biz as “Mr. Fix-it” (Grin) I have seen a lamp in a bottle like that using a black rubber stopper with a 3/8ths hole in it. the threaded tube that screws into the lamp base has a large flat washer then the rubber stopper and another flat washer then a toothed washer then the 3/8ths nut then a plastic bushing. Sorry no pix and the confusing instructions but it is accurate. If you can find a old hamster water bottle that stopper might work…

  3. I beleive that is called a bung clip. The glass bottle is an italian wine bottle for fermenting wine and the black clip keeps the stopper in the bung during fermentation when pressure builds in the bottle. I would look on wine maker supply websites or ebay for it.

  4. thanks for everyone’s help!!!
    it is a real mystery, that’s for sure.
    the light was made by a swedish designer so it may be something you can only find in Europe…

    any more brainstorming is certainly welcome, as I’ve run out of ideas…

  5. Find a home brew shop in your area, or check out the ones online. There are dozens of different products made to interface with that opening. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

  6. I’m no lamp specialist, but my understanding of it is that you need to create a vacuum in the bottle. The black part we are seeing on the pic seems to be custom made to grab on the groove outside of the neck of the bottle. i think that this part may just don’t let the cork me sucked inside the bottle. So, any design that does just that might works.

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