Welcome to Hackszine

Hack the Way You ThinkWelcome to, the new online counterpart to O’Reilly Media’s Hacks series of books.

We’ve developed this site to promote the philosophy of Hacks as a way to gain control of the devices and systems in our lives. To hack something is to make it work the way it should — for you. This site will bring you the best hacks we uncover in the wilds of the Internet, while at the same time delivering fresh, original content developed by our pool of Hacks authors and contributors.

As you’ll likely notice in the site’s design, the Hacks series is now published by the same team responsible for Make magazine, headed by Dale Dougherty, the publisher of Make and the original creator of our Hacks series. In many ways, we see Hacks as the technological or mental counterpart to the physical DIY space addressed by Make, and our vision is to grow the Hackszine site and its community in the way we have successfully connected “makers” with Makezine and Make magazine.

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you. Have a hack? Use the “Submit a Hack” link in the sidebar. We’re also interested in hearing about the kind of hacks that’d work for you. If you have a specific itch that needs scratching, just click “Request a Hack” and tell us about it.