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Electone E-50 from a dumpster – lil’ help?



Chris writes in looking for a bit of help for his dumpster procured Electone E-50 –

I found this Electone E-50 in a dumpster, and it mostly works! As you can see, the pedal board is missing, but the metal tabs that allow for interfacing are still there. Anyway, I want to hack this thing out. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do with it?

Also, if anyone knows where a user or service manual for one of these exists in PDF or something, post it! It’ll probably make figuring out what to do with it easier!

20 thoughts on “Electone E-50 from a dumpster – lil’ help?

  1. Yes, there are a couple of things you can do. What I would do is remove all of the rotating speaker components and make them into a stand-alone “diy leslie”. The second thing you can do is remove the MIDI keyboards, find a MIDI board that will accept them (there are many on the web, but I can’t think of one now…do a Google search for B4ce and see what you come up with) and build your own MIDI controller.

    Ditch the wood cabinet, or do something more interesting with it. Turn the switches into MIDI switches for your new controller. Lots of possibilities!


  2. That e-50 is sweet.
    Hang on to it. It will be worth repair, as it is an Analog synthesizer. If you lived locally, I would win favour with you, then steal it when you were not looking.

  3. Did you get anywhere with the E-50? I have an E-70 service manual with full schematics (same as E-50 but extra features), a pedalboard from an E-5AR of E-10, E-30, E-70, E-45 etc would work, so long as the tabs line up (there are no electronics on the pedalboard itself). Definitely worth getting going, preset sounds using the CS-80 circuits with quite a lot of variation possible (but no touch control). Cheers,


  4. I have an Electone E-50, connected to a Leslie 700. This combo is excellent for playing Baroque music.

    Of course, a pipe organ is the best option for Baroque. But I will never be able to afford a pipe organ.

    The E-50 allows me to vary timbre in such a way as to create and color sounds that are surprisingly Baroque-friendly, especially for chorales by Buxtehude and Bach.

    The E-50 is one the great, under-estimated home organs of the past. I wouldn’t part with mine for anything.

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