Fyrall Comptur: Circuit Bent From Scratch


This appears to be one of the coolest kits. It’s circuit bent awesomeness in a wooden box.


The board is beautiful. It’s got rhythm that you mess with by touching contact points.

It sounds really cool, take a listen and check the video! – Link


Wander round the site while your at it for some circuit bent inspiration. I’ve been looking through all this stuff for a while and I’m itching to fire up the soldering iron. – Link

6 thoughts on “Fyrall Comptur: Circuit Bent From Scratch

  1. The output may be cool, but that circuit interface needs some serious work. Those flying leads are from hell! How about routing all of the contact points to a header on the side of the board….now that would make a lot of sense.

  2. Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde is a demented genius of electronic circuit design. He would be a great candidate for a Make: interview. You can try your hand at making some of his free circuit designs here:


    You print the designs out on paper and then poke the component leads through the paper, instead of using a PCB. All of the circuit designs look really cool, which is somethng that can’t be said for 99.9% of PCB layouts.

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