Yahoo! just launched Pipes, which lets you combine data from the Web in some very interesting ways. It reminds me of Apple’s Automator and Quartz Composer. Brady Forrest takes a pipe apart in Yahoo! Pipes: Deconstructing a Pipe:

In my previous post Yahoo! Pipes: The Modules For Building Pipes I explained the tools available for building a pipe and mentioned the Apartment Near Something pipe. It allows you to input what you would like to be near (for example: “parks”), what city (for example: “Palo Alto, CA”), and how far (for example: 2 miles). It outputs GeoRSS of available apartments in a Palo Alto, CA that are near parks. In this post I am going to step through this pipe. If you want to follow along you can check the debugger in the editor to see the output at each step.


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