Reply with Commenter Name at Lifehacker

Lifehacker Comments

Inspired by our post about personalizing your Flickr replies, the ever-resourceful and reader-focused Gina Trapani just whipped up her own code to add similar functionality to Lifehacker comments. Her Lifehacker Reply with Commenter Name Greasemonkey script adds a “[reply by name]” link to each comment on and inserts the commenter’s name (prepended with an @ in v 0.2) into your response when you click that link.

Taking it one step further (thanks to the GNU Public License assigned to Gina’s original code), Lifehacker reader Ali Karbassi modified the script to include links to the actual comment boxes you’re replying to.

Nice work all around. It adds a nice personal touch to the comments thread, and it’s great to see community improvements to the site’s innovation. I know it makes my reader experience more enjoyable, both functionally and emotionally.

Links to Lifehacker Greasemonkey Scripts: