Lisa sent this note about doing picnic geometry in her class! Are you a teacher who’s using Make: in class? Let us know and make sure to put pictures of the projects in the Make: Flickr Pool!

I’m a special education teacher for kids with behavior problems, and today your picnic geometry web site and podcast were part of our lesson on polyhedrons in my 7th and 8th grade math class. We made the paper plate icosahedrons and had a ton of fun with it. One of my students emailed me later and said he really liked the lesson. So, your stuff is helping kids learn about geometry. My students asked me this morning if they could make more icosahedrons today and three of them made them. Also, one kid not in my math class asked if she could make one too. This is a great thing for me kids since they don’t always want to do anything, let alone math related things. Your podcast and instructions were a great help and I already have a request from a regular ed math teacher for this info, so I’m going to share it with him.

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