Rope Bending


Here is a cool resource for making knots. These knot animations help you see how to make some cool knots. Check out the decorative knots like the Monkey’s Fist! – Link

Hey, can you make cool knots? Add them to the Make: flickr pool!

14 thoughts on “Rope Bending

  1. Me too.. and I believe that it’s the only way to properly make one.

    Also, I would like to add that a monkeyfist is NOT just a decorative knot. So, THERE Make!

  2. Been doing knotting for years… also important thing about the monkeys fist – its bad practice to put anything inside the monkeys fist!

  3. Yes, the monkeys fist is not strictly decorative, it is a “heaving knot” which can be used to add weight to the end of a line to make it easier to toss to someone else (perhaps on another boat).

  4. Not only is the not itself heavy, but it’s perfect for containing a rock (which is actually generally a quite difficult thing to get a rope securely attached to) which makes it even heavier. It’s a good knot for backpackers who need to hang their food in a tree.

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