HOW TO – Make GBR (germinated or sprouted brown rice)

Bluescrubby writes –

This tutorial will describe how to make germinated brown rice (GBR). Why do you want to do this? Because it’s healthier and better tasting (I think) than the regular version! I’ll discuss some of the health benefits and ways of making it.

Sprouted brown rice can also be called sprouted brown rice, GABA brown rice (for the amino acid GABA that is created during the sprouting), or hatsuga genmai in Japanese.

I’m just getting started on this all, so as I learn more from trial and error I’ll update this entry. Please post lots of comments with your own experiences and methods!

On page one is a short history and some health benefits. Skip to page two to get straight to the how-to.

HOWTO make GBR (germinated or sprouted brown rice) – Link.


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