USB to serial Nike+iPod adapter, Arduino Bluetooth board, humidity and temperature sensors and more…

Spark Fun Electronics just dropped a whole load of goodness –

This is the USB to serial Nike+iPod adapter. This device allows you to connect a iPod receiver to your computer over USB. The user can then ‘listen’ for foot pod data and IDs. Very handy for creating an access controlled cat door – Link.

It’s new. It’s pricey. But oh is it cool. The new Arduino Bluetooth board allows you to wirelessly communicate with your Arduino project. You can even bootload over the air! – Link.

The breakout board for the SHT15 is complete! Simple and small, you can now have accurate humidity and temperature on your next weather station – Link.

A very simple breakout board for the LM4970. This I2C device pulses LEDs in time with an analog source like music. Perfect for case mods and fun visual displays – Link.

This is a nice compact product from Olimex. MSP-Solar has a solar panel that outputs a moderate 80mA, but has a AA battery holder and step-up circuitry to 3.3V. What do you get? A simple renewable power supply – Link.

Spark Fun Electronics – Link.


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