This robot, made by Josh Bongard, Victor Zykov, and Hod Lipson, is capable of discovering its physical properties and using this discovered body model to develop a successful walking gait.

The real feat comes when engineers remove a part of its leg: The robot senses a change in its structure and begins walking in a different way to compensate. The demonstration is the first proof that a robot can generate a conception of itself and then adapt to damage, a handy skill to have in unpredictable environments.

Robotic Introspection: Self Modeling -[via] Link.

20 thoughts on “Self modeling robot

  1. #include <terminatorMovieReference.h>

    No, wait, keyma5ter beat me to it. Darn it!

    This is really cool from a developer’s standpoint. When the war begins, however, this will only make them that much harder to destroy.

  2. Hahaha thats funny. Was I the only one that noticed it did better with part of a leg missing? I think it could do better with some more degrees of freedom, though. The legs could not swivel at the hip.

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