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This looks like something fun to do on a rainy afternoon.

These are sold as “indoboards” on the market, but I will show you how to make your own at a fraction of the cost. Watch out for th carpet burns though!

Surf The Carpet! -[via] Link.

12 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a balance board for carpet surfing

  1. I remember reading about this somewhere! It was in a comic strip, and it was called a “Rola-Bola,” I think. Now if I could only remember where I saw it… hmmm…

  2. Ok, he’s using a bottle of diet coke for the roller it appears. Can’t we find a use for mentos in this project?

  3. If you make this board (or for that matter if you buy the IndoBoard) DO NOT use it on carpet – the risk of breaking your wrist, arm, or shoulder increases greatly when you use these things on carpet. Most surf shops do not have these out on display as a result of customers trying the boards out on their carpeted floors and breaking any of the above mentioned.

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