Dead Baby Deer


Jake made a dead baby deer and Victoria painted it. Live the genre of cute and dead. – Link

Here are the step by steps so you can make your own. – Link

24 thoughts on “Dead Baby Deer

  1. Ummm…. why?

    I’m sorry, I’m usually pretty cool about some of the stranger posts, but what’s the point of this? Artistic expression to try and evoke a reaction from the audience? If so, you’ve definitely got it! O_o

  2. unfortunately we cannot reverse entropy, everything (including the everything) dies folks. i was in a school play once with 3 ghosts, a crippled kid, a goose… pretty intense stuff.

  3. Excellent stuff…Anyone who thinks it’s iaproppriate really needs get out more…

    p.s. philliptorrone, There are four ghosts if I presume correctly and you’re talking about ‘A Christmas carol’ (Jacob Marley, past, present, future…in that order).

  4. Nice job. Very impressive prop. Now if we could just get rid of the blood and automate it in some way (after the play of course). I think an animatronic, live Bambi would be cooler than a static, dead one.

  5. WOW! I know this seems strange, but I need need need to borrow your deer body, I need to photograph it and return it, I will pay you to rent it, I am a photography masters student – seriously need a deer body prop. Just to photograph– PLEEEEZE!

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