Alex writes –

I have always found it a challenge to make things at virtually no hardware cost, using old parts in innovative combinations. Whilst such projects are usually quite time consuming, they do give you the pleasure of “being independent of the industry” and their picture of the state of the art of technology. Although I wouldn’t claim any state of the art for the project described below, I still think it is of value for many an “independent technerd” or even an “independent artist”, of which there seem to be a growing number.

But let’s get practical. The text …describes how I went about making a real cheap glove interface, that still achieves considerable accuracy while improving the comfortability. Essentially, I purchased a bunch of PowerGloves (PG’s), took out the flex sensors, inserted them in sheaths on a lycra glove and suit, hooked them up with a multi-channel serial A/D converter and had a host computer sequentially query the serial interface for the value of each sensor in real-time. These values then were used to control various electronic musical devices.

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