In this podcast I show how to make this little kit which is a hardware version of a computer program. In this game, little lights die if they are crowded or lonely and new ones come to life if there is the right amount of parents around it!

14 thoughts on “Game of Life Kit – Make: Video Podcast

  1. if only the individual kits were cheaper… mass production = lower cost per unit… i would LOVE to built a 4×4 kit…

  2. The patterns I saw when the four boards were put together did not fit the rules of Conway’s game of life! Perhaps there was a mistake in orientation of the boards? If not, these boards do not meet spec. I would be cautious investing in one of these kits.

  3. Samurai1200 and Emonroe7, the schematics are in the pdf, feel free to make your own! The source code for the chip is here under gpl:

    Hey HoustonEuph, I’m curious what you think is wrong. The quad setup has been abused by tsa quite a bit, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a short at the connectors. I’m away from the office for a week to launch a balloon, but when I get back, I’ll check.

    Hey Frank, I’m curious now too!

  4. Great episode. Especially liked the soundtrack.

    Did anyone recognize the tracks? What were their names?


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