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Nice juggling balls can cost over $45. Make better ones for under $5. They’re a great way to make money while traveling, just make some balls and then go juggle on a corner. Sell them to kids and teach them how to juggle. Watch the video bellow if you want to skip all boring reading stuff.

instructables: HOW TO – Make juggling balls – Link.

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  1. Making juggling balls?

    When you’re learning, I can understand the value of certain consistencies and so on, but once you’ve got the basics… people actually use special balls for juggling?

    I find these work very well. I also use tennis balls, which are great for off-the-wall type tricks (but crappy otherwise because they’re so light).

  2. People definitely use special balls for juggling. I’ve been juggling for a while now, and it’s substantially easier to work on tricks using a well-weighted set of beanbags with a good grip than with tennis balls. Plus, they don’t roll away so far when you drop…:-)

    I’ve made balls similar to the ones in the post, and while I’m not sure I’m prepared to say they’re better than professionally-made balls, they are better than most of the cheap beanbag starter sets you can buy at toy stores. I’m just happy if this gets a few makers into juggling…there’s a lot of fun stuff to make, and there’s definitely room for a little innovation from the technologically inclined…

  3. As indicated on Instructibles, you can substitute sand and soil for lead shot or BB pellets, and you’ll have a set of weighted juggling props that make for a great aerobic workout!

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