Craft Promo Vol3

Konichiwa Crafters! CRAFT: 03, the Japanese Style issue is available today on the newsstands! We are so excited to bring you this issue that shares our love of Japanese crafts and style. In this issue you’ll learn how to stitch the cute cover kitties featured in Aranzi Aronzo’s The Cute Book. Diana Eng shows you how to make a punk Harajuku-style T-shirt, Suzi Pakhchyan makes blushing finger puppets, and Susan Beal shows you how to make your own sweet smelling bath scrub. Other DIY projects include Sumi paper marbling, hypertufa planters, gorgeous dorodango mud balls, knitted kimonos, and way more than we can list here, get ready to have no shortage of exciting crafting projects.


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6 thoughts on “CRAFT: 03 Japan Style on Newsstands Today!

  1. Got my copy (subscriber!) today and am over the moon! I will have plenty to look at tonight. My husband brought in the mail, swiped it, and looked at it even before I could. Now the spine is all creased and the pages dented. :)

  2. I am very interested in purchasing the above edition of the magazine, Craft 03 Japan Style. There are things in there I want to make. How do I go about ordering this issue of Craft? Also what is the price? Thanks

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