Hack Your Brain – Make: PDFcast

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This weekend, get set to hack your brain! Brain waves go from delta waves at about 1/2-4Hz to Gamma waves at 30-100Hz. The brain machine flashes lights in the range of these brainwaves in a sequence that is programmed to take you through the experience of meditation. One of the interesting effects of flashing the LEDs and beeping sound at those frequencies is that some people see hallucinations of patterns and colors. I saw hearts. What do you see?

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One of the great things about this pdf is that it walks you through the whole process so that you can solder up your modified MiniPOV and then attach it to glasses and then program it. Don’t be intimidated by this project, it’s easy!

Download the PDF to read the article and get all the details and a supply lists and you’ll be ready to make your own brain machine! – Link

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