Hand warmers contain sodium acetate – here’s how to make your own “hot ice” and bit about how it works [via] – Link.

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  1. anhydrous vs trihydrate—–you are putting it into water so it doesn’t matter whether water is there to start, get the cheaper one

  2. you can make sodium acetate by mixing white vinegar with washing soda and then boiling the water off when no more CO2 is given off. So basically mix baking soda and vinegar to get sodium acetate, so you probably don’t need to buy anything. I found this information in THE GOLDEN BOOK OF CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS. pg 83-84. 3D printers anyone?

  3. I read somewhere that you need crystals, and on his finger it looks like he has tiny crystals on his finger, do you actually neeec crystals for the water to cool?

  4. I read somewhere that you need crystals, and on his finger it looks like he has tiny crystals on his finger, do you actually need crystals for the water to cool?

  5. I love messing with hot ice. In fact, I thought this stuff was so awesome that I went out and bought the only Sodium Acetate domain left.

    I just have to finish the legal research and make an order if all my ducks are in a row.


    TRY and get the Sodium Acetate Trihydrate, its about $16 a pound/600grams Photograhy Shops will have it, or just use Google/Shopping..

    I picked up the Anhydrous by mistake (sorta), and have found it MUCH harder to get the “ratio” of water to acetate for the supersaturation. . I have been able to make the hot ice, but it was a trial and error process.

    Get the Trihydrate mixture! :)

    Just boil it untill it starts to bubble, stirring it constantly, adding the Acetate, I started with *about* half as much sodium acetate as to water I used.. and added a little as I stirred it, untill it looked right.

    I put it in the freezer, fridge should work also, for about 20 minutes.. as I was taking it out, I wasn’t careful, and I was Not using a FLAT/CLEAN surface, and it activated.. and started to make the ice like it should. :)

    You can reheat this stuff, once you get the right ratios, and just repeat the steps… Its easy folks, just take a chance and heat some water, add the S.A.T., cool it, let it sit to room temp.

    depending, you can just touch (agitate) it, you can breath on it (sometimes), or simply put just a few “crystals” of the Sodium Acetate on your finger tip and then touching it will guarantee it to activate and start the Icing process.

    Hope this helps, I had a HARD time finding any “clear” explanation on “ratio’s, types ofacetate, and times” when I was trying this.. so this is what I found out.

    Cheers, Be careful, and good luck!

  7. i was really amazed with the chemical reaction found when thermo heat applied to the solution caused it to freeze, i was just wondering if Sodium Acetate can be found in house hold ingredients. I was told that it can be found in Hand warmers, but i am not sure if the substance in hand warmers can actually create Hot Ice.
    If you have any information on where i can find or make sodium acetate without ordering it please E-mail me at

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