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Toenail necklace

Toenail Necklace Labeled
Jan Ryerse made a necklace out of busted toenails from marathon running, yikes-

Ryerse, who estimates he’s run more than 50,000 miles, also says ultrarunning gives him a profound sense of well-being. It helps him sleep better and raises his energy.

But, he says, an ultrarunner’s body will do some strange things in an ultramarathon. For instance, hands and feet swell to the point where a runner may have to change into larger shoes. And they frequently lose toenails.

“They get black from pounding into the top of your shoes,” Ryerse says. “I have a toenail necklace. From a distance it looks kind of nice. It looks like it’s made of seashells.”

Most ultrarunners will tell you that the shared experience of mentally and physically battling the incomprehensible is by far the biggest draw.

A Trail Runner’s Blog: Making Your Own Toenail Necklace – [via] Link & more.

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  1. Now I don’t feel so bad about collecting broken bicycle reflectors on mountain bike rides. Excuse me I feel a case of the willies coming on.

  2. There’s something very ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ about this thing… The guys real name wasn’t Jame Gum was it?

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