Architecture of a soldering tip

The Weller blog has a nice write up of what a soldering tip is made up of – Link.

4 thoughts on “Architecture of a soldering tip

  1. I grew up with cheap junk RadioShack pencil irons and was taught to file them down to expose shiny copper and then to tin the copper. Well, one day I got to use a Metcal iron and noticed the tip was always wet, at most I had to wipe the tip on a moist sponge, etc. That was the day I learned about tip design and why a $7.00 iron is worthless for anything but wood burning projects. I urge any of you guys reading this to try a real iron some day, be it Metcal, Hakko, or Weller. Read the manufacturer instructions on tip care, and never, ever, ever file your tips!

  2. Considering Weller has the most horrid tip life it’s more of a primer on how not to make a tip.

    Get a Metcal.

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