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Todbot (author of Roomba Hacking) has a review of the iRobot Create Robot, he writes –

At the 2007 CES iRobot announced a robot explicitly designed for hobbyist and educational robotics experimenters called the iRobot Create.

The iRobot Create is now shipping and iRobot kindly sent me one to review and verify it’s applicability to the Hacking Roomba book.

In short, all the projects Hacking Roomba work great with the Create, as it’s fully compatible with all ROI-based Roomba hacks. The Create is a better device for robotics experimentation if you’re an educator, academic, or serious about robotics. However, if you’re a casual hacker, a Roomba Red still provides a better value (and is a vacuum cleaner to boot).

Hacking Roomba » iRobot Create Robot Review – Link.