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Build a Single Speed Bike – Make: PDFcast


This week the Make: PDFcast is a comicbook pdf all about converting your old trashy bike into a snazzy single speed bike. I went a little nuts making it up in Comic Life. There’s lots of good tips in this pdf, but honestly, your best bet is to just get some tools and go to town on your bike. It’s always more fun to do this with more people. This weekend, get some friends together for a bike hacking party.


Here’s a tool list that is pretty comprehensive. Not pictured here is a freewheel removal tool, which you could also just go to a shop and borrow or WD-40. Doh!

Download the pdf here! – Link

10 thoughts on “Build a Single Speed Bike – Make: PDFcast

  1. It’s a short .pdf, but…

    It might be worth mentioning something about horizontal vs. vertical dropouts in relation to getting the chain length right.

    (Or just pick a cog on the existing cluster… or keep the derailler on and use the adjustment screws to pick a single cog and act as a tensioner/singulator.)

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