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Bag Construction

This weeks podcast couldn’t have happened without Anda of Etsy who showed me how to fuse plastic and Federico of Eeio for coming up with an awesome bag design!

Learn how to upcycle a bag out trash bags. All the details and measurements and step by step instructions are there!

Download the pdf here! – Link

6 thoughts on “Make a Messenger Bag out of Trash Bags – Make: PDFcast

  1. look i work at a shoestore, and we have these big 6 1/2 feet tall window signs to advertise whats going on with the store at that time. BUT, when the ad is no longer needed, the sign gets tossed. I was just putting it out there that if u ask nicely and leave a name and number, the ppl will call u and let u have it for free. We do it all the time, and i just now put two and two together to come up with this handy way for u to get free vinyls. hope it helps :)

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