Soundgin – sound chip in a PIC

This looks neat – The Soundgin is a serially controlled Sound Synthesizer in a PIC. It can produce complex sound effects, synthesizer style music and English speech. Thanks Kevin – Link.

8 thoughts on “Soundgin – sound chip in a PIC

  1. Speech?! Wasn’t Parallax just working on something like this? And wasn’t it going to cost a grip? Looks like it’s just a nicely-pre-programmed Microchip PIC18F1320. This sounds pretty great… especially for $25.

    Although it makes me think… if its just a pre-programmed PIC18F1320, if we had the firmware source, we could make our own Soundgin for much less than $25… I’m seeing $2.69 at Newark.

  2. Of course you could make it cheaper — if you only count the cost of materials. Do not discount the value of the content. A couple hundred pieces of blank paper will cost you less than a buck, but a novel will still cost you $10. The Soundgin’s creator needs to eat, too, not just the Microchip board of directors.

  3. Well of course… but isn’t that sort of the point of this site? Making things that function just as well as retail products, only cheaper?

  4. Amen Stokes I know the man behind this company and he is not out to turn a major profit. He also is the guy who makes the OOPIC line of products :)

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