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Dt Handknit Iphone

Greg writes:

I asked my mom to knit an iPhone so the kid wouldn’t play with mine. The result: very cute, but she still wants daddy’s with the movies. There are tips and pics on the blog and on flickr.

Learn how you can knit your own iPhone with Greg’s mom’s tips on the Daddy Types blog here. – Link.

34 thoughts on “Knit iPhone

  1. i honestly think; that if someone has something smarrt to say about this shouldnt write anything bc id like to see someone who sais its horrible try to make one, what im saying is i like it , and screw whoever dont .

  2. I think that it was really nice of her to knit you an Iphone. I cant believe she can make you one. When can I get one?

  3. especially the guy who said why do u want that, i have the real one. you people cant read? it says he asked his mom to knit it for his daughter so she doesent wanna c his iphone.

  4. this is so awesome. I’d totally get one if i had the chance :) screw all of u who think its bad, cuz u guys are just jealous that u dont have a mom who can make one for u

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