Quakr – 7d Tiltometer (geocamera with protractors and string)

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Here is the making of Quakr – a 7d Tiltometer… a geocamera of the future out of protractors and string –

The task
Record 7D metadata for each photo we take today.

Metadata we want to capture:
1. Altitude (Are we standing on a mountain?)
2. Latitude (How for north/south of the equator are we.)
3. Longitude (How far east/west of the meridian are we.)
4. Compass bearing (ie, N/S/E/W – which direction are we pointing the camera?)
5. Tilt (ie, are we pointing it up at the sky a bit, or down at the ground a bit?)
6. Orientation (is this photo portrait, landscape, somewhere wacky in between?
7. Timestamp (good for knowing if this is day or night)

What we did

Things we assembled:
* one square-ish digital camera
* 4 protractors
* one packet of blue tak
* some double sided sellotape
* a novelty magnetic compass (actually 2)
* a GPS device
* a notebook
* a pencil
* another camera
* and a ball of string

Quakr – 7d Tiltometer – Link.


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