Anh-Minh points us to a great find, these Japanese books called Petit Patterns which include a CD rom with all the patterns in EPS and JPEG format. I did a quick search on Amazon Japan and they have what seems like a whole series of them from flowers, dots and stripes, kids and toys, japanese style, scandinaivian style, and more. Smarts & Crafts also has a post about it and how you can use these patterns for all kinds of craft projects. Doing a quick currency conversion, each book is about $24 USD and I’m not sure about shipping costs. You can also try the Kinokuniya stores in the US. Check it all out! Link.

6 thoughts on “Japanese Books: Petit Patterns

  1. Looks like shipping to US is about $22. also has these books, which is where I ordered two of the series. Each book was about $35 and they qualified for “free shipping” to the US. So, I guess it’s 6 of 1, half-dozen of another in terms of price, eh?

  2. I was just introduced to these books by Crafty McGee in this post. She is using the patterns to print her own fabric to make a doll quilt. So cool! She gets them at Kinokuniya.

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