Browsing the Web on Windows Mobile Smartphones

Dash and Opera Mini

Smartphone Thoughts has posted a comprehensive article about all your web browsing options on Windows Mobile Smartphones:

As you’ll see, on the SP platform, there’re far fewer really usable browsers and there are (currently, before NSIcom fixes the bugs with the current CrEme version) absolutely no Java and, if you don’t apply the Flash “hack”, real Flash support. This, fortunately, makes one’s life far easier – generally, you only have four browsers to select from: IEM, Opera Mobile, Opera Mini or the really promising newcomer, jB5. The two Operas are, as you may have already guessed, generally superior to the built-in Internet Explorer Mobile.

I had to take a break from messing around with the iPhone to give some of this a try. It’s striking how locked-down the iPhone is compared to a gadget like the T-Mobile Dash. My Dash was a very functional Internet device, even without a SIM card installed: I was able to browse the web, check email, and use other Internet applications using just the built-in Wi-Fi. Part I | Part II


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